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Is Interracial Sex better than sex with someone within your own race?

Have you ever had sex with someone outside your race? Would you be interested in having interracial sex? Do you feel that interracial sex is a taboo? The question of interracial sex is a very controversial topic that not many would like to answer.

However, the truth remains that a lot of Americans continue to remain obsessed with interracial sex, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. Going by the history, many people spoke negative about interracial sex despite the fact that White people engaged in sex with black women during the slave era.

According to a recent poll, around 67 percent of the people said that sex with someone outside their race is more enjoyable. On the other hand, 15 percent claimed that it wasn’t as good as having sex with a person from the same race. The rest either never had sex or did not have sex with people of different races.

Adult sex among interracial singles is mostly observed in liberal communities and couples that are into a long term relationship. With the inception of online dating sites that promote interracial dating, the catalytic role played by it is unquestionable. In fact, these website are believed to have given interracial dating an impetus that was earlier lacking. When there is more interaction between people of different cultures, dating is bound to happen.

It has also been noticed that most people decide to try interracial sex just out of curiosity. Given the kind of stereotypes surrounding interracial sex, a lot of teenagers and adolescents try out sex with a person outside their race to prove or disprove these statements. Besides, a lot of people also think that interracial sex is bizarre, exotic and dating, especially when it involves white women and black men.

A lot of people also correlate sexual pleasure with size of the penis or stereotypes surrounding people in bed. But, are people that engage in interracial sex actually dating, gross odd and ugly or are they just in love with someone special regardless of color? This is a million dollar question that a lot of people would continue finding answers to.